Studio Table Top

Tails about the studio table

Lets start with a brief history of the studio table. I wanted to place two 24″ lcd monitors side by side on the table. I also wanted to put near field monitors on the sides of the lcd monitors. I also needed deep enough table to fit everything in it. I came up with the measurements 220cm x 80cm would be the needed table top size. Well tables that size didn’t come ready made so I tried to find the next best thing. I did found one table and I tried ordering it, but never got any reply or anything from the company, luckily. So I thought  I was out of luck with the table, but actually I was very in luck.

Time had passed and I had already moved and everything, but I didn’t have a suitable table for my home studio. A friend of mine was working as a carpenter or master guiding carpenter or something at a workshop aimed for the unemployed. He guided people that went there and did what ever was needed, but he also had time to do other things, personal projects. Now this is where my luck turned. He said that he could do the table top for me, just the way I want it.

I did some crude plans for the table top and we went out to buy the wood for it. I had very limited budget at the time so I could only afford 18mm thick glued laminated timber. I bought two pieces since they were 600mm deep and I needed 800mm deep table top. Now in retrospective I could have bought thicker and different kind of wood, but thats in the past now. I also bought black paint and thinner since that table top would be spray painted. We took the timber to the workshop to dry up with his Toyota Corolla if I remember correctly, so now everything was ready.

He constructed the table top. He said that it was a pain in the ass to get the two pieces together straight to extend the 600mm to 800mm, but that I think was the hard part. After the pieces were glued together he made these nice edges from the left out pieces. Looking at the table it looked twice as thick which was a very nice touch. He rounded the corners and edges to make it look nicer. He then painted it black and it was ready after few layers of paint. I had bought four 750mm high legs for it so I had everything to set it up.

We took it to the apartment where I lived at the moment. I can still remember it we took it with his Toyota Corolla. The table top barely fit in and it was slightly over his shoulder. The backseats were turned down and I could just fit in to sit on top of the back seats. It was very difficult to shift gears since the table top was on the way. It was probably quite funny looking when we rode the about a kilometer from the workshop to my apartment. We took the table top to the fourth floor through the staircase because there was no way it could fit in the elevator. I think if I were to go to that staircase today there might still be this black stripe on the wall when one corner hit the wall, but that was the only hit the table top got and we got it nicely to the apartment. The table top looked really nice.

Later that night I screwed the legs to the table and put it in place and I must say that it looked really nice. I was very very pleased with the result. To me it looked nicer than what I had expected. I still today sometimes wonder if the 40 euros was enough for the work he had done. I set most of things on the table that night and thought that it was all worth it, worth the wait to get the table top I wanted. So far I could only find this one photo where you can only see some of my stuff and a bit of the table top.

When I moved to the first studio it was along the same road that where I lived. We carried the table top from the apartment to the studio with my friend who was guitarist for Spex Lab. We had actually once moved my bed the same way when I moved from a student apartment to my own apartment many years earlier.

The friend who made the table top is now playing guitars for Industrial Military Complex.